Checkr – an employee background-check firm – analyzed data to pinpoint the growth metros that would be attractive to employer relocations and job-seeking movers.

Notably, Ocala, The Villages and Gainesville are high on their list of recognized metros poised for high growth. The article discusses the fastest-growing cities in America, also known as “boomtowns.” Boomtowns are cities that experience rapid economic growth and development within a relatively short period. These cities often attract large numbers of people seeking employment and entrepreneurial prospects. Checkr compiled a list of the top 10 boomtowns in America based on 10 key factors, including population growth, GDP growth, unemployment rate, and housing unit growth.

Key Factors in determining high-growth potential:

  • Population growth
  • GDP growth
  • Unemployment rate
  • Workforce growth
  • Poverty rate
  • Housing unit growth
  • Real personal income growth
  • Change in median age
  • Change in the total number of businesses
  • Percentage of high-earning residents (making more than $100,000)