The success of Thad Boyd and The Boyd Group hasn’t all been smooth sailing. The nationwide economic downturn in 2008—lasting nearly five years in the Florida real estate market—was a nightmare of negative energy for Thad. He said, “We were immersed in unrelenting, brutal financial challenges that saw some of our best colleagues and competitors go under. Thankfully, God gave us the grace and mercy to survive and eventually come out the other end of it a stronger entity.”

When it comes to matters of faith, Thad happily shares that he has been a committed, dedicated Christian since his teenage years. He recalled, “During that tough period of recession, four friends of mine and I formed a men’s prayer and Bible study group. Thirteen years later, twenty-five guys get together every Wednesday morning to read a chapter each week. It’s so important to feed our spiritual selves while we’re striving to make successful personal and business and decisions and to give each other support.”

Thad Boyd, CEO

Thad’s community outreach is also an essential part of his life. “God has blessed me with enough resources to give back and be of use to others in need. I’m so fortunate to be able to meet all kinds of people in the work that I do and the relationships I’ve been privileged to maintain here in Ocala.”

His past and present board member affiliations include:

Giving Back

Boyd Real Estate Goodwill extends to Habitat for Humanity
Ocala Commercial Real Estate Developer supports charities

Of the last two, Soulutions is a prison ministry and rehabilitation program with which Thad is very active. The Kimberly Center is a women’s and children’s advocacy and protection program named for his sister, who was killed in a car accident when she was only 21. There wasn’t a women’s advocacy center in Ocala when two women came to Thad in 1996 to ask him to help create one. He donated the land, enlisted builders, and got the initial 3,500-square-foot center built for free in 2002. The Center has now grown to a 14,000-square-foot facility and, with its 35 staff members, helps at least 1,400 women a year.

Thad Boyd and Family Prioritize Giving Back to the Ocala Community

Thad has been married to his lovely wife Julie since May 9, 1987. They have two daughters and a son: Kimber Hamilton, Miranda, and Brady. The family enjoys trips to the beach and ski vacations in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…Thad and Brady try to get in their fair share of fishing and quail hunting, mostly in the Thomasville area of southern Georgia. The Boyd’s are also members of Southpoint Church in Ocala and has traveled the world on various mission trips.
Thad Boyd is endowed with a passion for work, for problem solving, and for undertaking and accomplishing tangible goals that have a beneficial impact on his growth-oriented community.

Real estate development has been his “calling,” one that fully utilizes his ability to envision projects and bring together talented individuals to bring them to fruition. It also helps that he genuinely likes people and has a talent for opening up career paths for others. He reflected, “At this stage of life, I don’t even think about retiring because I’m so energized by collaborating with my business partners, associates, and employees. Without their tremendous efforts, none of these things would’ve been possible.”