Ocala is the #1 city people are moving to in the U.S., according to new report

Ocala becomes #1 destination

Moving Trends Report for the First Quarter of 2024, a ranking of move-to cities in the United States, placed Ocala at the top.
Since placing #4 for in-moves last year, The Brick City has risen a few spots.

Ocala’s moves-in to moves-out ratio jumped to 3.30 for Q1 2024, according to the data. According to that ratio, 330 people intend to move in this year for every 100 who are leaving.

Ocala has a move-in rate that is 32% higher than that of Cary, North Carolina, which is ranked #2 on the 2024 list, according to the report.

Ocala is one of the top 10 places to migrate to in 2024, ranking with other expanding retirement communities like Myrtle Beach, Knoxville, Hendersonville, and Pensacola.

As Ocala grows, Florida fell to third place in terms of net inflow in 2024, trailing only North Carolina in second place.
Ocala is predicted to grow faster than both Florida and the United States, with a population of 724,000 by 2040.

The reasons why so many individuals are migrating to Ocala won’t come as a surprise to locals.

The University of Florida in Gainesville and The Villages retirement community are both close to Ocala, according to the research, which serves as a catalyst.

It claims that individuals relocating from other regions are drawn to Marion County because of its undulating countryside and equestrian legacy as the Horse Capital of the World.

The report also points to relatively affordable housing in Ocala as another reason for the upward trajectory. It cites Ocala’s average home price in May 2024 is $274,312 which the report says is 47% lower than the national average.

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